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Semi-liquid cleanser
for dry or normal skin
This highly efficient cream cleanser is a truly unique cosmetic! Compounded of de-allergized lanolin and emollient vegetable oils ... all expertly blended to attain maximum efficiency. Delightful to apply ... cleanses thoroughly ... leaves a clean, soft "after-feel." No need for astringent lotions or fresheners because unlike mineral oil creams, IT WIPES DRY! For the younger normal skin, tissuing off Muracream supplies a total beauty treatment which cleanses, moisturizes and conditions ... all in one easy step. If you are one who doesn't "feel clean" unless you wash your face – Good News! Muracream may be rinsed off with clear, warm water ... you can enjoy the refreshment of washing without the taut, drying effect of soap. Rinsing with warm water, leaving clean refreshed skin truly puts Muracream in a class by itself!
In attractive plastic bottle - 8 oz. with pump


For the Mature dry skin
This rich, luxurious night cream contains a higher percentage of softening agents than any commercial-type night cream. When always applied after Muracream, it will solve your dry skin problem! That is our promise to you. Here is a totally different Cream, carefully blended of rich vegetable oils and refined lanolin – contains no mineral oil! Pleasant to apply ... softens, smoothes and conditions beyond anything you have ever experienced! No need to leave on over night! After gently massaging on dry areas, this highly absorptive Cream may be removed after 10 to 15 minutes ... tissue off and retire with a clean face! (Leave on longer for severely dry skin.)
Remember, it is the dry skin which forms wrinkles. If this is your problem, you need Muriel Bell Emollient Cream! In plastic jar - 2 oz.


Daytime emollience for the mature dry skin
Day-and-night emollience for the youger dry skin
This creamy, semi-liquid concentrate is the most efficient moisturizer known to cosmetic science. Compounded of vegetable oils and de-allergized lanolin, it is ideal for those who tend toward dry skin but who don't like the feel of creams ... Emollient-X absorbs instantly! In the morning: A few fingertips on dry areas prepare your skin for smoother application of makeup and provide day-long protection against the drying effects of winter weather. Also, apply lightly to lips for smooth application of lipstick. At night: For the younger skin with dry areas, here is the perfect beauty aid ... a light application imparts a new satiny loveliness. Due to remarkably quick absorption and clean "after-feel" Emollient-X is helpful in relieving a "Crepey throat" – a problem area for many women.
In plastic bottle - 2 oz.


For the normal, oily or combination skin
A soapless cosmetic cleanser, which lathers like soap, cleanses deeper than soap. It's luscious, soft lather reaches into the very depths of the tiny pore openings and cleanses with gentle thoroughness, revealing the sparkling beauty of a truly clean skin. Lathers freely in hard water ... refreshing to use ... leaves no residue in the pores as soap does. Refines coarse pores! With daily cleansing of Facial Cleanser, the pores lose their distended appearance and gradually shrink to normal. Important! Facial Cleanser gives marked relief to youthful problem skin. Its penetrating action rids the skin of all impurities ... and rinses off-&-out completely, leaving empty pores and a soft skin ... which soap can never do!
Helpful when treating blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pores.
In unbreakable plastic bottle - 8 oz. with pump.


For both hands and body
Skillfully compounded of highly emollient materials, this full-bodied Lotion imparts a velvet-textured smoothness to any area where dryness is a problem.
Absorbs quickly! Concentrated ... a little goes a long way.
A "must" in winter weather: Massage on hands after having them in water – always apply after the bath, paying special attention to arms and legs. Relieves dry itchy feeling, leaving skin soft and smooth. Also, in the winter a boon to the entire family ... wonderfully effective on chapped lips: BEFORE exposure to prevent, AFTER exposure to soothe. Like our other products, this Lotion meets our single standard:
In plastic bottle – 8 oz. with pump.


ALLERGY? If you suffer from allergies - Some of our products are made with hypoallergenic lanolin and are available without perfume. For information and assistance, call our "800 716-2366" number.

We can be reached at
P.O. Box 1112
Westcliffe, CO 81252
(800) 716-2366 Voice

Or e-mail us at

Founded 1940 by T.I. Potter Research Corp.
"Created to be the Worlds Finest"!

Our sole standard is to give you complete satisfaction in your use of our basic skin care products. To sustain our reputation for high ethical standards, we do not want a single user to be in any way dissatisfied. So, if within 90 days from the date of purchase, you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to return the unused portion for a full refund of your purchase price.

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