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Muriel Bell was 34 years old when her husband asked her to "Please take that grease off your face!" This was the beginning of a search for skin care cosmetics that would "work". They were so successful that her friends begged her for some of "those products you use", and Muriel Bell, Inc. was "born."
Many billions of dollars are spent every year in this country on cosmetics, and this does not include the money spent in beauty salons. The sad truth is that too large a percentage of this vast sum is spent on buying cosmetics that are made for one purpose only – TO SELL!

Few people realize that the giant cosmetic companies have become big as a result of merchandising genius, not cosmetic genius. This type of promotional thinking calls for the frequent introduction of new items. Today many of the well-known cosmetic concerns carry dozens of items for skin care alone! The truth is that this confusing array is not necessary except for sales promotion. "Eye Creams," "Pore Creams," "Throat Creams,: "Firming Lotions," "Facial Packs," etc., etc. were developed and are made merely to build up the sale!

As far as our company is concerned we have specialized only in the proper care of the skin. We believe there is enough merit in honestly made cosmetics that there is no need for 'fairy tales', 'trick products' or unrealistic promises. Our research and experience have shown that four products fully cover the needs for the basic care of any type of skin! ... young or old, normal, oily or dry. And not every customer needs to use each product but only those necessary for her individual requirements. You only need to use more or less of a product depending on the area of skin you wish to condition (i.e.: more around the eyes and throat - less on your nose.)

Probably this simple fact will be startling to you and hard to believe in the light of present-day merchandising and advertising, but we point out that in the cosmetic field basic skin care comprises only two steps: Thorough Cleansing and Total Emollience (The quality of softening and soothing the skin).

It is probably safe to say that the search for 'magic' does not govern the American woman in the conduct of most of her life. The one exception is Cosmetics, especially the items dealing with the basic care of the skin. In her search for youthful skin, a woman falls easy victim to the cosmetic 'medicine man' of today!

For example, a hand lotion which might sell for $4.00 can become the "medicine man's" Elixir if packaged in a glamorous 1 oz. bottle, given a fancy name such as "Angel Tears," ballyhooed with fabulous promises of the 'magic ingredient', and priced at $30.00! Sold as a $4.00 hand lotion, its value and utility are acceptable ... sold as a 'magic elixir' so precious that only a few drops need be used, it becomes an absurdity!

All of the large cosmetic houses offer legitimate products as well as 'fringe items'. So, please do not confuse this writing as a blanket indictment of all cosmetics. It is the legitimate products which have delivered the results, not the 'magic ingredients'!

Present-day advertising stresses "moisturizing", based on the theory that dry skin is due to a lack of moisture content. But that is only a half-truth, for dry skin is caused by lack of moisture AND lack of natural oil (called sebum).

The problem of "total emollience" (the quality of softening and soothing the skin) is of utmost importance to the mature woman for at least 80% are afflicted with dry skin, either a few areas or entire face and throat. And never forget, it is the dry skin which ages prematurely! This can be a problem of maturity, for normal youth has a smooth petal-like skin, plump with natural moisture, supple with nature's oils, and is vitally elastic. Such a skin needs only cleansing.

In a woman's skin, the aging process shows its first signs on the face, throat and hands. As the skin 'dries out', the elasticity of youth is gradually lost and its full-blown plumpness disappears. (For the mature woman, faithful daily use of a night cream is the key factor in attaining "total emollience.") The dry skin problems which accompany advancing years: Lines around the eyes ("crowfeet") -- "kitten lines" on upper lip – the roughened and reddened discoloration of a "crepey throat" – the taut, wrinkled appearance of dry facial areas ... do not need to be your inevitable lot!
Commercial cosmetic creams are compounded to keep without turning rancid for a period of at least three years. This is a prime requisite in store selling, for without adequate 'shelf life' present-day store merchandising of cosmetic "night creams" could not exist on a national scale. But American merchandising genius found the answer – mineral oil – which put nationally advertised cosmetics on store shelves, even to the remotest hamlet. Even though the use of mineral oil was the chief cause of that greasy after-feel on the skin, it became the key to solving the 'shelf life' requirement, because mineral oil cannot become rancid! A new formula was created, blending a percentage of emollient materials in a mineral oil base. Modern chemistry gave this combination long 'shelf life' ... the manufacturer benefited ... and a glamorous industry was born. But what about your skin? Its needs were sacrificed in the process ... because mineral oil reduces the efficacy of the emollient materials in the cream. Why? Because mineral oil is not absorbed by the human body, internally or externally. It coats the surface and enters the pores, but it can never be absorbed by the lining of the pores for the body rejects mineral oil, externally as well as internally.

Our Creams have adequate shelf life, but not
'store life', so in marketing these Creams we sell by
mail. They reach the purchaser laboratory fresh,
with a guaranteed life of at least one year.

We are not saying that modern commercial cosmetics are made entirely of mineral oil, or that they have no cosmetic value. It is a matter of degree. For example, a mineral oil "night cream" containing 20%, or more of emollient materials (lanolin, etc.), is only as effective as the amount of emollients it contains, for only the emollients which are absorbed by the skin can help a dry skin condition.

The moisturizing story, so popular today, is emphasized by the incorporation of glycerin in many products. Glycerin supplements mineral oil for like mineral oil it is not subject to rancidity. Glycerin does have a high affinity for moisture, however, glycerin can draw moisture from the cells themselves, thus defeating its purpose!

Because the skin is a complex organ, performing various bodily functions, its requirements are many. Therefore, no single material is sufficient for the complex requirements of a woman's skin. Thus, the cornerstone of the Muriel Bell discovery was based upon producing an emollient COMPOUND, composed of many materials ... each having emollient qualities, but each one with different and separate characteristics. The final perfection of this formula ... a blend of lanolin, lanolin derivatives, and a combination of cosmetic vegetable oils (with not one drop of mineral oil or glycerin!) ... is the key to the Muriel Bell secret. It is the answer to why Muriel Bell Cosmetics are basically different from all others.

Solving the dry skin condition is two-fold: Increase the moisture content ... raise the oil content.

The moisture content of the skin is not raised by splashing on water! ... but by absorption of materials which increase the skin's ability to attract moisture to the deep dermal tissues. Sufficient moisture keeps the skin supple and flexible.

The oil content of the skin is the main element in keeping it soft and smooth. This depends on the supply of natural oil (sebum) or an adequate supplement.

Therefore, it follows that the perfect "night
cream" must contain a high degree of emollience and
a high degree of moisture carrying properties.

It is known that lanolin is the finest emollient known. Lanolin can absorb up to 28% of its weight in water, and it is this combination of softening fats (closely akin to human sebum) plus its ability to carry moisture into the depths of the skin which makes lanolin so desirable in a cream. These characteristics when combined with the penetrating qualities of selected vegetable oils constitute the elements which make the perfect "night cream" – Muriel Bell Emollient Cream.

Mineral oil cleansing creams leave mineral oil in the pores which retard the absorption of emollient creams and mineral oil is not water soluble so it cannot be rinsed off. But Muracream, our all-vegetable-oil cleansing cream has cleansing powers far beyond the ordinary, not retarding the absorption of Emollient Cream but actually aiding it. And having the added benefit of being water soluble ... it can be either tissued off, or rinsed off with clear water.

A "daytime emollient' is a product which prepares the skin for make-up, imparting a softer smoother appearance, and at the same time provides day-long protection – so Emollient-X is the perfect moisturizer and when combined with proper night time cleansing and emollience, provides 24 hour protection.
Many commercial cosmetic items are based on astringents such as lotions to firm sagging throat muscles and "Facial Packs" or "Masks". If you have ever used one you KNOW it must be doing wonders for you can "actually feel it working!" But what do you feel? The gradual shrinkage of the pack as it dries! That is mechanical action and has nothing to do with "tightening" or "toning" the skin. Manufacturers include 'astringents' to emphasize awareness of the 'work' the pack is doing!

In Pore creams, the "feel" is caused by irritating and swelling the inner lining of the pores, thus temporarily making the pore openings seem smaller. However, if used over a period of time, this continuous irritation tends to enlarge the pores and coarsen the skin's texture ... the very opposite of what is desired! What is required is deep cleansing which empties the pores of solidified sebum, the basic cause of enlarged pores. Our Cleansing cream – Muracream -- or our Gentle Facial Cleanser accomplishes this without the harsh drying of many commercial cleansers. Over a period of time the pores will gradually shrink to their normal size and a finer textured skin will be the result.

CONSIDER SOAP – one of the chief offenders in the beauty care of the mature skin! Do not be misled by glamorous advertising containing such phrases as: "super-fatted," "contains cleansing cream," etc. Soap leaves an insoluble residue in the pores (witness the ring around the bath tub or the dulling film on hair left by a soap shampoo). This residue is not conducive to a beautiful skin.

If the results of 10 or 15 years' addiction to the use of soap were evident at the end of one year, there would be no 'soap addicts' today!

There are chemical soap substitutes which are not alkaline like soap, but many of them de-oil to such a degree that they prove equally as harsh as soap! Cleansing the skin, even an oily one, requires a mild cleansing agent with the ability to empty the pores of all impurities and excess oil, and that is why Facial Cleanser was developed.

Our line is restricted to only a few items, but these few supply every need for basic skin care, which is our specialty. We have limited ourselves to what we consider to be a strictly ethical position ... we have added no 'extras' merely to increase our sales. We make no effort to meet the multitudinous and varying demands of what might be termed 'fashion items', such as foundation, eye makeup, blush, hair tinting, nail make-up, etc.

The hope we offer you is that if you will follow the correct simple steps in your DAILY beauty care, through cleansing, proper emollience and moisturizing, you will accomplish your goal of a soft, smooth, younger-looking skin. Only five to ten minutes with the right products ... EVERY DAY ... will keep YOU at the pinnacle of your beauty, whatever your age.

We invite you to join our nationwide clientele of satisfied users ... women who have proven that the Muriel Bell Method of Basic Skin Care provides complete complexion care ... simply and economically.

Our oldest and longest customer (of 55 years) recently passed away at the age of 100. Her friends and nurses said she had no wrinkles and the skin of a young lady!

Our Motto:
"Created to be the world's finest!"

Our sole standard is to give you complete satisfaction in your use of our basic skin care products. To sustain our reputation for high ethical standards, we do not want a single user to be in any way dissatisfied. So, if within 90 days from the date of purchase, you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to return the unused portion for a full refund of your purchase price.

We can be reached at
P.O. Box 1112
Westcliffe, CO 81252
(800) 716-2366 Voice

Or e-mail us at

Founded 1940 by T.I. Potter Research Corp.
"Created to be the Worlds Finest"!
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