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Product Information

For Your Information

It is the DRY SKIN which ages prematurely.

After age 30, even the normal skin begins to lose a degree of natural emollience
(see Dry Skin).

Both night and daytime emollience is required for the mature dry skin. The oil glands should function continuously 24 hours per day ... if deficient they must be supplemented around-the-clock.

If you've ever used a "facial pack or mask" you can "feel it working" – but what do you feel? The mechanical action of shrinkage as the pack dries. It has nothing to do with firming or toning the skin. Astringents are added to help you "feel the pack working".

A youthful oily skin is greatly benefited by using Facial Cleanser both night and morning.

Our oldest and longest customer (of 55 years) recently passed away at the age of 101 in Texas. Her friends and relatives said she had no wrinkles and the skin of a young lady!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes wrinkles?
A. It is the dry skin which forms wrinkles. (If this is your problem, you need Muriel Bell Emollient Cream!)

Q. Why should I use Muriel Bell Products?
A. A blend of lanolin, lanolin derivatives, maximum hydrating moisturizers and a combination of cosmetic vegetable oils (with not one drop of mineral oil or glycerin) is the reason why Muriel Bell products are totally different from all others!

Q. Why are mineral oil and glycerin put into cosmetics?
A. Mineral oil and glycerin are added to commercial store creams to provide 3 to 5 years of shelf life (but are not absorbable by the skin).

Q. What's wrong with using soap?
A. Soap alters the pH of the skin and does not rinse out of the pores. (Please note the soap ring around the bath tub.) The use of soap causes enlarged pores. If the results of 10 - 15 years of addiction to the use of soap were evident at the end of one year, there would be no soap addicts today.

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Founded 1940 by T.I. Potter Research Corp.
"Created to be the Worlds Finest"!

Our sole standard is to give you complete satisfaction in your use of our basic skin care products. To sustain our reputation for high ethical standards, we do not want a single user to be in any way dissatisfied. So, if within 90 days from the date of purchase, you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to return the unused portion for a full refund of your purchase price.